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Our History

Dessaint Traiteur, it is the story of a passionate man, a self-made man who always wanted to create and innovate, and there was no question for him to work for another boss than himself!

“The company, the work, it is my life, my passion.” 

His success, he built it through corporate values as rigor, high standards of quality but also generosity and authenticity of the French savoir-faire.

Born in the north of France in Cambrai, he left school after an accounting degree to enter the family business, "a poultry slaughterhouse". He is 22 years old when his father passed him over the responsibility.

In 1994 he decides to start a new adventure as he feels a market opportunity in supermarkets: fresh crêpes.

The company grows from 18 employees to 500!


Our Core Businesses:

  • Soft Crêpes & Pancakes: gourmet recipes, with a soft texture and a melting taste, with the best selected ingredients. We also make sweet filled crêpes for a tasty dessert.
  • Sweet & Savoury Pastries: taste, pleasure, and a French know-how, in a wide variety of formats, family or individual sizes.
  • Exotic Products: specialized in spring rolls and fried products.


Constant vigilance on the appearance and taste of our products 

We define visual and tasting standards for all our products. We strive to ensure consistent quality of these criteria by carrying out checkpoints at each stage of the manufacturing process. 

For our range of pancakes for example, we measure the colorimetry of the products at each production to ensure a golden color and cooked on each side.

Your food security, our priority

We develop quality products from their conception by ensuring all the criteria of food security and meet the expectations of our consumers.

Our production facilities are IFS certified, an international reference standard that ensures total traceability, from raw materials to final products.

Every year, we carry analysis from raw materials, in-process analysis and on finished products by external laboratories.

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